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Name that were given by my parents is Nursyuhada , u can call me Syada . I was born on 14 January 1998 . I lived at Hulu Langat with my lovely family and lastly , I'm proud to be ISLAM :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my favourite chocolate !!

cabury bornville hazelnut,
dark chocolate

hehehe... actually , i love all types of chocolate...

but this is the first choice...
if we talk about dark chocolate..
everybody said it is more healthier than milk chocolate...
right ? and we can release from tention..
hehehe...buy me some if u wanna make me happy..,,
that was the clue..! GOTCHA !

16 pieces.

hehehe , this is my favourite too... OF COURSE !
but , i think this is too expensive to buy , right ?
hehehe...it's okay ...

P/S : it doesn't mean we are kids when we're love to eat chocolate right ??


  1. dont 4 get to follow me back...btw,,i love those chocolate!!

  2. hmm sedapnye haha...syada jgn lupe follow blik tau hehe