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Name that were given by my parents is Nursyuhada , u can call me Syada . I was born on 14 January 1998 . I lived at Hulu Langat with my lovely family and lastly , I'm proud to be ISLAM :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Person's

Finally , I found him... name die Muhammad Halif Bin Haris :) he was born on 23 July 1994 , die tinggal at Section 19 , shah alam .. both of us be couple on 1 January 2011 .



  1. syada,mne shoutbox??klo x de shoutbox cmne nk chat..

  2. haha . comel giler ka0rg . untung haliff dpt ka0 . haishh !! 1/1/11? w0ww !! c0ngratz !!

  3. syada..smart gile tarikh die..

  4. syada cute sngt secocok ngn halif

  5. hai comel taniah awk dapat couple gan halif haris... hebat tarih dia 1.1.11

  6. wah hehe..tahniah..semoga berkekaln ar ea..he3

  7. Hi Syada,

    Watched your Terukir Di Bintang cover on Youtube. Figured that you have a very sweet, colorful voice. Congratulations! I love the tone.

    Would it be troublesome for you to cover These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding? It's an old song, yeah, but to this day, I couldn't find a decent singer who decently covers the song.

    Appreciate if you could do that and upload it.

    Thanks Syada.

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